Julian/Mt. Laguna Camping: 2018

So, a few weeks into January and I just so happened to have a weekend off, and guess what? My long time friend Ashley did to! This is exciting, why? because we literally NEVER have any days off together, much less the SAME exact days. Obviously we took full advantage once we realized that we were off those days…which just so happened to be 24 hours prior to this camping trip. I just love how things organically happen, and I absolutely LOVE spur of the moment trips…LITERALLY makes my entire day, month, year! Nathan (Ashley’s boyfriend) had never been to Julian, so we decided to make a day trip to Julian+Camping trip all in one happen, and it turned out perfect! We found a site in Mt Laguna, set up camp and then went to Julian for the day. We did what everyone basically does in Julian, walk around and visit all the small shops and obviously eat the famous PIE! I must admit, after visiting Julian my whole entire life, I was completely unaware that you had the option of eating your pie and ice cream with ….chedder cheese? While I’m a cheese fanatic..I was a little taken back by the option for such an aggressive taste…but surprisingly enough (or not surprising because I’m obsesses with ice cream and cheese?) it was actually really good! Although, I honestly probably wouldn’t get the cheese personally ever again, but I would say if you haven’t had a change to try it, do it! We were able to finally stop by Nickel Brewing Co. which was amazing and the patio seating was perfect, since we had Clyde. Everyone was so sweet, and Clyde basically made about 50-100 new friends while being out and about in Julian.  Once we got back to camp, we all just drank whiskey (rum for Ashley) and had an amazing night with board games and cards against humanity. FINALLY I was able to capture some of the constellation goodness happening as well. I hope you enjoy a snippet of our impromptu camping trip! xoxo


CAMPING 2018-79

CAMPING 2018-75CAMPING 2018-29

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