Witzel’s Maternity: San Diego, CA

This maternity session was pretty special for me. I was contacted randomly by and old friend Tori, who was expecting- within a couple weeks, to enter her baby girl into the world. I’ve known Tori ever since my memory can retain anything. We spent most of our childhood together since we lived about 5 minutes from each other and my grandma (who raised me) and her mom were good friends. Like everything in life, we grew up and drifted apart, with new friends and high school. When we met up for this session about 10 years+ since we had seen each other, it was like nothing had changed. Catching up with her during this session was so fun! Her and her husband also grew up knowing each other which I soon found it, how awesome is that? The love they have for each other is indisputable. They were smiling the entire time and I was SO EXCITED when they brought their puppy along too, she was the perfect addition to the photos. Although I had so many great photos from this session, I decided to choose these groups for you guys to check out! I hope you love them as much as I do!


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