Backyard Mini – Shelby + Family

Backyard minis with Shelby and baby Palmer never fail to make me smile! I absolutely adore capturing motherhood moments candidly with the wild childs, because that’s exactly what motherhood is, WILD. Am I right? This sweet little cowboy is the stinking cutest and always makes me giggle. You can check out more backyard mini magic with these two favs of mine here! 

Here’s a fun idea for your mini session: bring your hubbs to your backyard minis! And *surprise* him by “letting him jump in” for a few photos! Guess what mama? You’ll win because he won’t know what’s coming- so he can’t get anxious about getting photos taken. (By anxious, I mean sassy.)

You’ll be able to get a quick family photo and he has some photos with the kids too!  And you go home completely satisfied! Take a look at how quick and easily you can get some great family shots!

Backyard minis are quick, 20 minute sessions at my house where I do mama and me sessions! Click here to check out some other backyard mama and me minis! Or you can check out booking right here!



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