Mama + me – Janelle outdoor motherhood

All of these motherhood sessions, and all of the love we captured for these mamas really had me in all of my feels as a mother and as a photographer. Those years fly by don’t they? And your babies really grow up soooo fast. Soak in ALL of those little moments, even the wild and crazy ones. Invest in YOUR memories and capture you going through life with your littles, because one day, you’re going to hold onto those little precious moments that sped by you and be thankful you have them to physically look back on. I love being able to capture the laughs and the cuddles and give you something to help you remember exactly how you felt in that moment; it really is something so special. I can’t wait to capture some more mama + me magic with you guys! Love this session and wanna see more mama + me sessions? Click here! OR book your own here!

 Check out Janelle and her girls being an actual dream for their motherhood shoot! 

I always love when I get to photograph Janelle and her family! She and her daughters are such sweethearts and those girls are truly so fun to photograph! They give so much expression and have so much fun and love each other to pieces. It’s the sweetest!

You have seen these guys on the blog before! They really are some naturals! You can check out their family session from last year here! 

These girls love their mom so much and I love that you can see it so much in these photos. Janelle, you’re magic and your babies are some little rockstars. Thank you for choosing me to document your special moments!


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