You should know…

This isn’t your typical photoshoot.

Stuffy poses, feeling awkward, not knowing where to put your hands, and wishing it would go by faster? No.Dancing, laughing, feeling natural, and making memories as the time flies by? YES.

The Experience

Ok, Ok , OK- Choosing a photographer isn’t always the easiest and dare I mention how uncomfortable being in front of the camera can be at times, am I right?

BUT- Have no fear, I’m here to reassure you that being in front of the camera does NOT have to be scary or nerve-racking.

When you hire me, you aren’t just getting a photographer. I want to be your FRIEND!

I don’t mean the “lets pretend we are cool for an hour or two while I’m here” type of friends. I want to be the person that when the day comes of your photo session you are completely comfortable and walk up to me feeling like we have known each other from the get go….


I want to capture the UNIQUE and UNDENIABLE YOU.

It isn’t about the perfect poses, outfit, or background. I want to capture the raw emotion of happiness and joy that you are feeling. I want you, your family and your friends to be able to look back at these moments and have them bring back the emotions you felt in this phase of life and have something that you can pass down through generations.

In these fast-paced and constantly changing moments in life, I want to be there for you to document these special stages in YOUR life that is making it, well, just oh so sweet and unforgettable.

Do I even need to say it- I LOVE taking photos! So give me all the dancing around with no shoes on, belly laughs, and singing your heart out with or without music. I promise it will be a good time!

Your Questions, Answered

How long after our session should I expect my gallery to be delivered?

Typically around 3-4 weeks. During the fall season, it’s 4 weeks. 

How early should I book a session with you?

If you know that you will be wanting to print your photos for a special occasion, I suggest booking your session about 5 weeks out at least from the date you would like to be sending those out. 

Do you offer sneak peeks?
It’s both yes and no. I make no promises though. During busy season, I do not..but, when I’m not in the rush of the busy season I try to get you a handful of your photos before delivering your full gallery! Believe me, I know how hard it is to wait to see your photos so I try my best!!
Do you travel?
I do travel!! Depending on your location I will make a quote for your travel fee accordingly. My Travel Fees start at $60 and are adjusted as necessary for any location outside of La Mesa by 20 miles.
How many photos can I expect to have delivered?
Okay so this is a tricky one, cause lets be real…I overshoot like a mad woman. I don’t like to miss anything!!
For your full 1 hour session you typically get a minimum of 100 photos but I honestly deliver ALL my favorite photos so you’ll more than likely get WAY more than 100. I honestly don’t think I have ever delivered the minimum.
For a mini session, you will get the amount of photos promised. Sometimes I will have extra photos I can add on for an additional fee if you wanted. 
For your backyard mini sessions…..again, lets be real.. I will give you ALL my favorites. So however many we are able to get and I love I will deliver to you for no additional fee. 
When I reach out to you, how long should I expect to wait for a response?
3-4 business days. If you don’t see a response from me after that then please reach out again, I do my best to respond to all of you!! I never want you to think that I’m ignoring you because that is 100% not the case! If you think I missed your email or message please reach out again!

If real, authentic moments are what drive you too, then…

Youve found your photographer!