Jenna+Dylan: In-Home Session

Jenna and Dylan just purchased their first home not too long ago, and I was lucky enough for them to invite me over to play third wheel for a bit and take some photos of them getting all snuggly. I had known Jenna through mutual friends, but didn’t really know her, and I had never met her boyfriend before. Needless to say, I had SO much fun and Dylan was pretty hilarious. They are such a fun couple and you can tell that not only did they have strong love for each other, they were best friends. It was about a million degrees in Alpine that day, but they played it super cool. The house is beautiful and Jenna decorates as if she has a Joanna Gaines meets Pinterest kind of style, aka AMAZING. I hope I get to snap some photos again of them in the future, because it was so fun!

I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I have! 



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