Grand Escalante, Utah: Brandon’s dirty 30

Hey everyone! my goodness, it’s taken me quite a while to get around to getting all these photos uploaded, edited, and put together into this blog!

Better late than never, am I right? haha.


SO, my husband turned the big DIRTY 30 this past August and needless to say it was quite an epic adventure. We decided on Grand Escalante, Utah for a week of camping.  (and because they were dog friendly, and we couldn’t just leave Clyde at home while we all celebrated Brandon!) That would be a bad dog mom move, and it just wouldn’t be the same without him. We found some random campgrounds that we knew were a first come first serve, so we drove through the night to Utah. Brandon drove and stayed awake, but I fell asleep for about an hour (whoops, sorry babe!). We were lucky enough to have some of our family and friends that joined us too! I have never been to Utah before, and lemme tell ya…it was absolutely AMAZING. We were lucky enough to find a place to camp right next to a flowing creek. We found out later that it was a run off from a waterfall whose trailhead was about 10 feet from our campsite too, pretty rad. It was nice to get out and have no service for a while. Funny how just a couple days without your phones can just reset you in the best way. One of the fun hikes we did was  the zebra slot canyons. They  were flooded when we found them (which was also quite an adventure in itself) but it worked out because it was so dang hot out there in the direct sun that it was really awesome, and was a nice little relief from the sun. (Minus the toads and tadpoles, eek!) We ended the trip with a day in Bryce Canyon, which was insane and I cannot wait to go back and hike down into the canyon! (We didn’t go because dog’s aren’t allowed, unfortunately)  All in all, it was an epic trip and I love being able to document and remember all these special moments. (All photos with my canon and go pro)

I hope you all enjoy, and let me know what you think!



Clyde trying to get used to his new hiking boots, before we went out in the hott, hott heat!  Hilarious.


After searching for the slot canyons, we all decided to find shade under this rock and eat lunch, since this was LITERALLY the ONLY place there was shade on this whole hike. DCIM103GOPROGOPR0350.DCIM103GOPROGOPR0344.

This picture is amazing, because if you know Katie, this is THE face. We were all so hott and kind of lost at this point in time, so it wasn’t the most comfortable situation! haha I love this though!




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