Everything You Need to Know to be Prepared for Your Newborn photoshoot

Preparing For Your Newborn Photoshoot

Okay well first of all congratulations on the newest addition to your family! If you are here then you know how important it is to capture every stage of your little one’s life and that starts with a newborn photoshoot in their first few weeks in this world! We all know how fast time flies and once you have little ones, it feels as though time moves even quicker. 

While capturing newborn photos is such a special thing to do, many parents don’t do it because don’t really know how to prepare for it. Well, the good news is that it is not as daunting of a task as one might think. As a family and newborn photographer in San Diego, capturing newborns is one of my favorite types of sessions. So, in this blog, I am here to share all of my tips on how to prepare for your newborn photoshoot! 


6 Tips on How to Prepare for Your Newborn Photoshoot

1. Picking the right time of day

With years of experience capturing newborn photos, I can say that the morning is definitely the best time of day. Since most of my clients opt for their newborn photoshoots at home, I recommend doing the photoshoot in the morning around 9 or 10 a.m. This is when the lighting is typically the best in your house. With that said, if your house doesn’t have the best lighting, that’s not a problem! 

I also think the mornings are great if you have older little ones that you want to include in the photoshoot. Younger kids and toddlers tend to do best in the morning as they aren’t as tired. 

2. Indoor or Outdoor?

With newborn photoshoots, I typically recommend taking them inside the comfort of your home! After all, you did just have a baby, and leaving the house is a big task in itself with a newborn. But if you do want some photos outside, many of my clients will have me take some photos of them in their front or backyard so that is an option as well! But, in terms of completely leaving your home, I wouldn’t recommend it! You and your newborn will be much more comfortable taking photos in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

3. How Long Should We Expect Our Newborn Photoshoot to be?

I can’t speak for other newborn photographers, but my newborn sessions are up to 1 hour. If your baby needs a hot minute and is fussy, I am always flexible for my Mamas. I always make sure we get all of the photos before leaving, even if that means staying a little longer. I don’t charge any extra fees with newborns because I know that things happen and it can take a little extra time. After all, it’s our baby’s world and we are just living in it and keeping them alive lol. So, I understand that you may need a little more time! 

4. What to Bring to Your Newborn Photoshoot?

Well if you are taking your newborn photos at home, you obviously don’t need to bring anything. But, I do recommend picking out a couple of extra outfits for you and the baby in case there is an accident. And just make sure that you and your family are ready when I arrive so that we have the most amount of time to capture you and your little one. 

5. Feed Your Baby 20-30 Minutes Before

If it aligns with your baby’s schedule, I highly recommend feeding them 20-30 minutes before the photoshoot. This way they hopefully aren’t as fussy during the photoshoot. Also, a fed baby is most likely a happier baby and it will hopefully make the session much less stressful for you! 

6. Don’t Stress!!!

Okay, I know the thought of getting all of you, your family, and your newborn ready for a photoshoot sounds stressful, but please try not to stress. I recommend you just start planning outfits and everything in advance so you are ready to go on photoshoot day. If your baby is fussy, IT’S NO BIG DEAL! I promise we will still get some amazing photos and I personally love the photos that show all of the in-between moments. The chaos of having a newborn and little one is a special time in your life that will be over before you know it! 

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