What to Wear for Your At-Home Newborn Photos?

At-Home Newborn Photoshoot Outfit Guide

When you have just welcomed the newest addition to your family, picking out outfits for a photoshoot can be a chore. You might be tired or just not in the mood lol. You have been through a lot so I wanted to help you out with a guide on what to wear for your at-home newborn photos. Newborn photoshoots are sooo worth it and I have captured hundreds so I have a pretty great idea of what looks the best! So keep reading for all the outfit tips!


1. Make Comfort a Priority

Girl, you just had a baby so comfort is a must for your at-home newborn photos. And you are in your own home and these photos are more about capturing such a special moment in your life! The more comfortable you feel in what you are wearing the more you will enjoy the session. If you are uncomfortable, you will feel it and that will show in the photos and you will always look back at your session and remember how uncomfortable you were. Luckily there are so many cute matching sets nowadays that you can buy that are super comfortable! 

2. Mama, Pick Your Outfit First

The easiest way to pick out outfits for your whole family is to pick your outfit first and coordinate everyone’s outfit to fit with yours. This is easier than you think I promise. For example, if you find a cute neutral matching set or flowy dress that you love, just pick out other neutral colors that go with it and then you can add in some denim. 


3. Stick With Neutral/Earthy Colors

I especially recommend sticking with more neutral colors for your at-home newborn photos because it makes the photos feel cozier and more comfortable. Bright colors can be super distracting and take away from what you are truly wanting to capture. These photos are all about this life change with the newest addition to your family and we want that to be showcased! Plus, neutral colors tend to look better in homes as you can have lots of different backgrounds. 

4. Have Multiple Outfits Picked out For Your Newborn

With newborns, it is definitely better to be prepared with several backup outfits in case of an accident. And you will probably want to do a couple of outfit changes for them anyway. Also, make sure that what you pick out for them is comfortable as well so they don’t get fussy! 

5. Avoid bold patterns and logos

Some patterns are totally fine, but others are way too bold and distracting! I recommend staying away from patterns that are super thick and bold and instead opt for a more dainty pattern. For example, a dress with a super simple floral pattern is totally fine! But, I also recommend that not everyone wear a pattern. You could have 1-2 of your family members wear a pattern and then the rest wear something more simple with no pattern. And just skip out on logos altogether unless you are all wearing something that is super meaningful! 

6. Use Pinterest for inspiration to help you pick out what outfits you are drawn to most

If you are just completely lost on what to wear, use Pinterest for inspiration. It is one of the best resources and has millions of inspirational photos to help you. Consider what photos you are drawn to most and what you are expecting your gallery to look like. If you know you love a certain session from your photographer, take notice of what those clients are wearing.

You can check out my Pinterest here for tons of inspo! 

7. Don’t overthink it, if you like it – wear it!!

If you want to wear something that you have 1,000 over, DO IT! This is about documenting your newest addition to your family and a big life change however the heck you want!  At the end of the day, these photos are for you and your family and no one else!!


Where to Shop For Clothes for Your At-Home Newborn Photoshoot

Okay now that you have an idea of what you want to wear, you have to find it. To help you out, here is a list of the places many of my clients shop:

For Your Newborn


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