The Importance of Being on Time for Your Family Photoshoot

The Importance of Being on Time for Your Family Photoshoot

Timing is one of the most important factors when scheduling your family photoshoot! Photographers (me) are very particular about the time of day we schedule your session. We look at the time of year, the weather, and the location. On your end, being on time for your session will make sure you get the best pictures possible. So, in this blog, I talk all about how I choose the time of day to take your photos and the importance of showing up on time! 


Let’s Talk Timing for Your Family Photoshoot

Timing is soooo important when it comes to your session. While I can take photos in just about every lighting, I want to give you the best photos possible with the most amount of time to capture them. Being ready and on time for your session allows us to have all the expected and agreed-upon time to get all the magical photos in your session. 

So how do I choose the start time for a session?

Well, the location is the main factor I consider. Some locations don’t have anything interfering with the sunset, like the beach. So, I typically have my clients arrive 1 hour before the sun sets. But, in some locations out in nature, you may have to arrive early since your photographer has to consider when the sun will disappear behind mountains or trees. 

Sometimes, I’ll even have my clients come 60-90  minutes earlier than the sunset if I know that the location is going to require a longer walk, or if I know that typically parking is pretty bad around the area. 

And as we get further into fall and winter, the sun starts setting very early around 5-6 which is unfortunately rush hour… So at this time of the year, you NEED to make sure you account for traffic. 

What happens if you show up late to your session?

Well, unfortunately, I can’t control the lighting so showing up late means you will have way less time to take your photos. And with less time, that means that there is a possibility that I will not be able to deliver the amount of images we agreed upon. 

And if you sign up for one of my mini-marathon days, being on time is imperative. I do these photoshoots back to back so you need to be there early and be ready to go with your family immediately so I can snap away and capture as many images as possible. Especially if you have little ones, the more photos I can capture the better! 

Believe me, I am trying my best to make sure that we have all the time, light, and space to create all the magic together and get all the photos you expect.

Tips For Showing up on Time to Family Photoshoot

1. Plan Outfits the Day Before

Please, please, please do not decide what you are going to wear on the day of the photoshoot. Plan out your outfit first and then pick out outfits for the rest of your family. Lay them out somewhere so everyone knows exactly what they are wearing! And this minimizes stress on the day of the photoshoot. 

Check out my family photoshoot outfit guide here!!


2. Consider Traffic

As I mentioned above, in the fall and winter months here in San Diego the sun sets right around rush hour so you NEED to consider traffic. My best advice is to check Google Maps or Waze that morning and see what time it recommends you leave and then leave 20-25 minutes before that. Once you get there you will need to park, gather your little ones, and then find your photographer.

3. Pick a Location Closer to Your House

If you and your family have a hard time being on time, then consider talking to your photographer and picking a location closer to your house. You won’t have to deal with as much traffic and if you happen to be running late, you are at least closer to your location. 


The easiest way to show up on time is to show up early. In your calendar, write down that your session is at 4 instead of 4:30. Believe me, it’s worth it to get to your session 30 minutes early over being 30 minutes late. You paid for these photos and I want you to get the most out of it!!


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