Where do I even begin with explaining our adventures in Florence and Tuscany?!? Words don’t even come close to the experience we had. Our apartment was tucked away on the cobble stoned streets of Florence, fortunately door to door with the world famous “Amerind” Gelato shop! Let me just say, they had speculoos cookie butter gelato (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to a local Trader Joe’s and try it out, you won’t be disappointed…..and you’re welcome!) While we wondered around the town looking for a place to eat, we found the perfect spot!  Everyone that knows me, knows how much I LOVE sandwiches, so what did we do? We went to the most popular shop in Italy and stood in line that no joke, wrapped around 2 buildings. It was CRAZY, but after tasting the panini it made sense…if I had the option I would literally stand in line every day to get that same thing; over and over again, seriously.  While after we ate our panini in the middle of a historical landmark we walked the rest of Florence. We stopped at a local wine tasting bar and had a drink and looked out over the “Pont Vecchio”. The next day, we woke up and headed for the bus to Chianti, we got there just in time…and coincidently we sat next to a couple that ended being from San Diego of all places! They were Mr and Mrs. Sprinkle! (Only one, just more than one sprinkle) They were such a sweet couple! We ended up headed for the same winery as well, how random is that? Consider, Tuscany has hundreds of different wineries to visit! After a 4 hours wine tasting through the verranzano winery, I learned that I officially would drink Balsamic glaze without anything else if I had the option!! I know, I’m weird. The winery was in an old castle, that grew its own veggies for the restaurant located on the property as well as farmed their own wild board, who were able to roam freely for their happy life! The next morning, we woke up before sunrise and hiked a short 4 miles up to a viewing spot that is famous, I believe its the “Michelangelo Spot”, commonly visited at sunset, but we had heard it was less busy in the morning, so who wouldn’t want to hike super early? Lets just say, I may have complained a little, but it was well worth it. It was breathtaking. Long story short, I must say we visited the gelato shop at least 7 times before leaving Florence and continuing our trip to Positano and Rome ! I hope you enjoy the documentation I was able to capture!








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