Chunn Family Session: Coronado, CA

Michelle and I have known each other for a couple years now. When we met at the old nursing facility I used to work at we instantly clicked. You know those friendships that literally take zero effort you’re just comfortable with the person? That’s how it is with Michelle. I remember when she would come into the facility and we would talk about when we were planning to get pregnant and here we are a couple years later and her little one is already ONE!

I’m so dang bad at this whole blogging thing that you guys haven’t even had the chance to see her maternity and newborn photos I took. Maybe one day I’ll get around to sharing at least SOME of them! Give me a break, I’m trying my best and I’m finding better habits when it comes to making sure that my photos are out for all you beautiful humans to see!

Well, this photo session was so fun! You would seriously NEVER know that her husband isn’t a big fan of getting his photo taken (Really, what guy typically is anyway, am I right?)

Let me know what you think!! xoxo